The International Review of African American Art, Vol. 10 No. 2 (1992)


The Spirit of Ritual, The Magic of Technology:
Performance, Installation and Digital Art
Published in 1992, this 64–page volume of the Hampton University Museum’s The International Review of African American Art highlights performance art, art installations and art environments. Included in this issue are many color and black & white photographs of artists’ works, and very insightful commentaries by highly respected art reviewers.

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Samella Lewis, Ph.D.

Managing Editor
Juliette Bowles

Associate Editor
M. J. Hewitt, Ph.D.

Executive Publisher
William R. Harvey, Ed.D.

Performance, installation and environmental art are often related to and dependent on other art forms such as painting, sculpture, drama and dance. Artists engaged in these art forms frequently rely on their peers working in traditional media to assist them with the activities necessary for the development and execution of projects.

Artists involved in performances, installations and environmental art are primarily interested in the process rather than the product. They act out, or construct areas of influence where spirit worlds often specify behavior and also function as the primary source in determining the quality of aesthetics. In this arena “true art” cannot be directed by the uninspired or the impure. Artists guided by these views are committed to the sacrifice of self through spiritual contemplation and expression, and aesthetic concerns. The communicative power of performances, spaces, and environments is designed to evoke significant memories that inform and enrich society as a whole.

—Excerpt from “Performances, Installations and Environments” by Samella Lewis, Ph.D.

Feature Articles and Contributors:

“Performances, Installations, Environments”, Samella Lewis, Ph.D.

“Betye Saar: An Interview”, M.J. Hewitt, Ph.D.

“Myth, Symbol and Technology”, Juliette Bowles

“Cross-Cultural Ritual as Art: The Performances of Arturo Lindsay”,
Samella Lewis, Ph.D.

“Canvas and Computer, Painting and Programming”,
Bamidele Agbasegbe Demerson

“Angela Perkins and the Computer as Palette”, Edmund Barry Gaither

“Frank Romero’s Pingolandia”, M.J. Hewitt, Ph.D.

“From the Publisher”, Jeanne Zeidler

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Title:                                      The International Review of African American Art

Publisher:                            The Hampton University Museum, Hampton, Virginia

Publication Date:              1992

Binding:                                Pictorial Softcover

Book Condition:                Excellent

Book Type:                          Quarterly Magazine


This issue is published jointly with Multicultural Arts, Inc. and is made possible, in part, by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the California Arts Council.

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