The International Review of African American Art, Vol. 10 No. 1 (1992)


Celebrating the African Canadian Identity
Published in 1992, this 64–page volume of the Hampton University Museum’s The International Review of African American Art is dedicated to the intersection of African American, African and Canadian identities and experiences in art. Included in this issue are many color and black & white photographs of artists’ works, and very insightful commentaries by highly respected art reviewers, including Adrienne Shadd, the great, great, great niece of Mary Ann Shadd, who was the first African American in North America and the first woman in Canada to found and edit a weekly newspaper.

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Samella Lewis, Ph.D.

Managing Editor
Juliette Bowles

Associate Editor
M. J. Hewitt, Ph.D.

Guest Editor
Adrienne Shadd

Executive Publisher
William R. Harvey, Ed.D.

In July 1992, the Third International Conference of the National Conference of Artists (NCA) is taking place in Toronto, Canada: “Celebrating African Identity: Strategies of Discovery, Affirmation, and Empowerment.” Appropriately, the upcoming issue of The International Review of African American Art is devoted to Black art and the artistic community in Canada.

Apart from one or two cultural icons—like jazz great Oscar Peterson—Canada’s Black artists and cultural workers have largely existed under a veil of anonymity and invisibility. Until recently, any discussion of a Black or African Canadian aesthetic in art would have been met with great skepticism because scarcely has such a concept been verbalized, let alone studied or written about.

However, that an African aesthetic has survived in music, dance, literature, and the visual and folk arts there can be no doubt. From the centuries–old communities of southern Ontario and Nova Scotia to the large immigrant centers of Toronto, Montreal, or Winnipeg, Black art and culture is being preserved and revitalized in virtually every art form.

In this issue we attempt to provide a glimpse of that vitality in a variety of disciplines—from the visual and literary arts to music and theatre.

—Excerpt from “Editorial Statement” by Adrienne Shadd

Feature Articles and Contributors:

“Editorial Statement”, Adrienne Shadd

“Laying the Groundwork for Survival: African Canadian Theatre in Vancouver”, Celeste Insell

“Standing Tall, Walking Proud: Black Arts in Nova Scotia”, Charles Saunders

“The Creation…of the African Canadian Odyssey”, Nkiru Nzegwu, Ph.D.

“Haitian Artists in Canada: Tradition Defining the Future”, Hazel Da Breo

“Archie Alleyne: Life is an Evolution”, Katherine Walker Alleyne

“A Cinema of Duty: The Films of Jennifer Hodge de Silva”, Cameron Bailey

“Poetic Voices from the Diaspora: An Interview with Ahdri Zhina Mandiela”, Nonqaba Waka Msimang

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Title:                                      The International Review of African American Art

Publisher:                            The Hampton University Museum, Hampton, Virginia

Publication Date:              1992

Binding:                                 Pictorial Softcover

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