The Last Bar-B-Que Poster by Margo Humphrey


This unframed poster features a reproduction of Margo Humphrey’s The Last Bar-B-Que (1987). Margo Humphrey is an artist in the Hampton University Museum collection.

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Margo Humphrey is an iconic artist whose work evokes surreal and powerful images of African American traditions and culture. Margo Humphrey, known for her printmaking, became a household name in a mostly male-dominated field.

The Last Bar-B-Que has become one of her most known works, as it beautifully and satirically reimagines the iconic The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Humphrey’s use of symbols in The Last Bar-B-Que creates visual language that is unique to African American culture but still presented in a way that all viewers can appreciate and explore.

29″ w x 23″h

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Dimensions 23 × 29 in


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