The International Review of African American Art, Vol. 16 No. 3 (1999)


Private Show! A Juried Exhibition in Print
Published in 1999, this 64–page volume of the Hampton University Museum’s The International Review of African American Art is a detailed listing of African American artworks, artists, collectors, dealers, galleries, and museums. Included in this issue are many color and black & white photographs of artists’ works, with very insightful commentaries by highly respected art reviewers.

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Juliette Harris

Executive Publisher
William R. Harvey, Ed.D.

Like Tina Turner, we want to be your private dancer, show you visual art that spins off the page to move in your imagination. But then we want to go one better and be your private dealer. Not only providing a competitive, international showcase for artists of African descent, this Private Show: A Juried Exhibition in Print offers our readers an unprecedented opportunity to acquire artwork without leaving home. Most of the work shown in this issue is available for sale. It’s our way of helping artists and galleries connect directly with art lovers.

The issue is also a record of Black creation at the end of the 20th century; all of the work shown here was done during the past five years (1994–1999). The first of a series, this issue does not attempt to present the big picture—a complete visual arts record of the era. We do hope that our annual, juried exhibitions in print will indeed eventually become a comprehensive record of the period’s artistic production. In this way, our annuals may begin to fill the void left in the wake of the Atlanta University Annual Art Exhibitions. Held from 1942 to 1970, these juried annuals gave African American artists from around the country a chance to gain wider exposure and purchase prizes. Offering a contemporary visual standard—See this is how you measure up against your peers—national and international competitions are an invigorating force for artists.

—Excerpt from “Private Dancer, Private Dealer—Private Show!” by Juliette Harris

Feature Articles and Contributors:

“Private Dancer, Private Dealer—Private Show!”

“Fourth Annual National Art Show”, Halima Taha, Ph.D.

“Price List”

“Gallery Contact List”

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Title:                                       The International Review of African American Art

Publisher:                            The Hampton University Museum, Hampton, Virginia

Publication Date:              1999

Binding:                                Pictorial Softcover

Book Condition:                Excellent

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