The International Review of African American Art, Vol. 28 No. 2 (2018)


Art and Culture in Miami/Caribbean:
A Vibrant and Influential Sphere of Engagement
Published in 2018, this 64–page volume of the Hampton University Museum’s The International Review of African American Art is dedicated to the various arts organizations that contribute to Miami’s role as a visual arts mecca, and the gateway to the vibrant arts community in the Caribbean. Included in this issue are many color and black & white photographs of artists’ works, with very insightful commentaries by highly respected art reviewers.

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Vanessa D. Thaxton–Ward, Ph.D.

Guest Editor
John S. Welch, Ph.D.

Executive Publisher
William R. Harvey, Ed.D.

The vibrancy of Miami as arts mecca and cross–cultural gateway was evident during the Museums Association of Caribbean Annual Conference last fall. While there, I conceived the idea for this IRAAA issue as an opportunity to share with our readers spotlights on organizations, arts initiatives, cultural institutions, diasporic audiences and partnerships that contribute to Miami’s reputation as America’s gateway city to the Caribbean and the Americas.

A compelling Miami cultural institution, now in its conceptual phase, but also well on its way to realization, is the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art of the African Diaspora (MoCAAD). Its vision is to “discover, commission, collect and preserve the work of the most advanced contemporary artists of the Global African Diaspora and exhibit this art at the highest level both at home and abroad.” The rationale for bringing MoCAAD to life, and the reasons Miami is its natural home, are beautifully drawn in its contribution to this IRAAA issue. Art collector and Hampton Alum, Christopher Norwood, takes IRAAA readers on a personal journey that explores Black Art Basel, offering insights, reflections and experiences of a Hampton Art Lovers group immersed in the experience of Black art at this well–known Miami happening. Donette Francis, a Miami academic and cultural critic with expertise in Caribbean literary and intellectual histories, American immigrant literatures and African diaspora literary studies offers IRAAA readers an insightful and thought–provoking meditation on intersectionality, diasporic art and its audiences herein. The Museums Association of the Caribbean (MAC) board details its historic founding and purpose as a cross–cultural development and support membership organization in this issue. While members of the Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) enlighten IRAAA readers about the jointly conceived and implemented rationale leading three partners focused on African American and African diasporic history, art and culture to co–host the MAC Annual Conference in Miami.

We hope this volume informs readers about a few significant arts initiatives in Miami contributing to its transformation from a so–called “cultural wasteland” to vibrant arts center within a decade. The IRAAA encourages each of you to engage, support anew or sustain your resolve to be part of America’s gateway city and its cultural endeavors.

—Excerpt from “Introduction Letter from the Guest Editor: Art and Culture in Miami/Caribbean:  A Vibrant and Influential Sphere of Engagement” by John S. Welch, Ph.D.

Feature Articles and Contributors:

“Introduction Letter from the Guest Editor: Art and Culture in Miami/Caribbean: A Vibrant and Influential Sphere of Engagement”,
John S. Welch, Ph.D.

“Museum of Contemporary Art of the African Diaspora: Global Reach Based in Miami (MoCAAD)”, Marilyn Holifield & Alexandro de la Fuente

“Black Excellence at Art Basel: Black Art Matters”, Christopher Norwood

“Diaspora Art in the Creole City”, Donette Francis

“A History of Connections, a Future of Collaborations: Museums Association of the Caribbean”, Kevin Farmer, Joanne Hyppolite, Ph.D., Sherene A. James–Williamson & Natalie Urquhart

“Let’s Meet in Miami—US and Caribbean Museums Come Together Around Blended Culture and Museum Excellence”, Auntaneshia Staveloz &
Marion McGee

“Spotlight: Obama Portraits Unveiled at National Portrait Gallery”

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