One Shot: A Selection of Photographs by Reuben V. Burrell (2017)


One Shot: A Selection of Photographs by Reuben V. Burrell is a 100–page catalogue of photographs taken by Hampton University’s most dedicated griot. Included in this catalogue are stunning black & white photographs by Burrell and insightful commentary.

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The Hampton University Museum and Archives is proud to present this edition of works by Reuben V. Burrell. This publication is an achievement in part because of the extraordinary attention to detail exhibited by Mr. Burrell in these selected photographs, but it is also a victory in teamwork as this volume provides only a glimpse into the grand magnitude of photographs and negatives that constitute his life’s work. Literally thousands upon thousands of choices in eloquence and pictures of life have been captured by the lens of Mr. Burrell.

A photograph is a product of science—a merger of chemicals, light and time, positioned to capture an instance of a moment. Mr. Burrell has mastered this art of photography in a manner of wonderment and precision that parallels a historian. His images have captured icons of African American culture and alumni of Hampton Institute over a period of six decades and counting, providing a pictorial catalogue of the academic and vocational excellence Hamptonians have shared with America. Mr. Burrell is truly a visual griot. If the saying holds true that a picture is worth a thousand words, a Reuben V. Burrell photograph is a monograph, a captured treasure.

—Excerpt from “One Shot: From the Director” by Nashid Madyun, Director, Hampton University Museum and Archives

Vanessa Thaxton-Ward, Curator of Collections

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One Shot: A Selection of Photographs by Reuben V. Burrell


The Hampton University Museum, Hampton, Virginia

Publication Date:              2017

Binding:                                Pictorial Softcover

Book Condition:                Excellent

Book Type:                           Exhibition Catalogue

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