Essays in Folk Art (2000)


Essays in Folk Art is a 230–page volume dedicated to key artists in the folk art world. It is a book for readers already familiar with these artists and the key factors that effected their careers, in addition to readers who enjoy folk art and seek an understanding of it. Included in this book are several insightful essays about folk art by A. Everette James, Jr.

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Dr. A. Everette James is an experienced collector who enjoys understanding folk artists as much as owning their art. Most of the selections in Essays in Folk Art are tales of his experiences in seeking out both well–known and little–known folk artists. He has traveled thousands of miles over the back roads of the South for the pleasure of meeting an artist, seeing the environment in which he or she works, and engaging in a conversation of discovery. He has sat in living rooms and workshops, sincerely admiring the work of painters, found–object sculptors, and root carvers. He knows the Sand Man, the Tin Man, the Gourd Queen, and the Furniture Man.

Dr. James points out that in folk art–often called visionary or outsider art–perhaps more than in any other category of Art, the intention of the artist should be considered. When visiting artists, he gently questions their methods and inspiration. If he knows that a painting of a hospital was created after a traumatic experience there, the work has more meaning because he can understand the feelings expressed by it. The better the glimpse of the inner artist the more he appreciates the work. Why did this artist begin using sawdust as a medium? What do the softball eyes mean on those giant animal sculptures?

Essays in Folk Art is for readers who already know the important factors and key artists in the folk art world, by it’s also for readers who like what they see in folk art and would like to understand it better.

—Excerpt from Front Matter of Essays in Folk Art by A. Everette James, Jr.

A. Everette James, Jr.

Nancy Jane Farmer, Everett Mayo Adelman & Ann Smith

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Title:                                      Essays in Folk Art

Publisher:                            Professional Press, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Publication Date:              2000

Binding:                                Casebound Hardcover

Book Condition:                Excellent

Book Type:                          Monograph

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