Black Art: an International Quarterly, Vol. 1 No. 1 (1976)


Published in 1976, the inaugural 68–page issue of the Hampton University Museum’s Black Art: an International Quarterly (predecessor to The International Review of African American Art) is dedicated to the African influence on African American art, the emerging voice of African American visual artists and Afro–Brazilian art. Included in this issue are many color and black & white photographs of artists’ works, and very insightful commentaries by highly respected art reviewers.

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Val Spaulding

Art Editor
Samella Lewis, Ph.D.

Managing Editor
Jan Jemison

Copy Editor
Ann Noriega

Art is a basic component of—and partner in—the full understanding of historical and cultural experiences, and their potential as resources for human development. To aid individual functioning—psychological, social and esthetic—we must realize the uniqueness of each culture and the value of its art. In addition, there must be the understanding that there are no cultural or national barriers to an individual’s expression of a private world through various modes of art.

A living approach to art entails a composition of experiences rich in vibrant, personal relationships and communal interactions. True art is not a brief or passing moment of external elements or techniques. Instead, it is a matrix of joy and sorrow and pain and fulfillment expressed through myriad paths of feeling and visualization.

Black peoples are especially fortunate in that theirs has always been a living art. The profusion of cultural experiences permeates the whole of life.

In bringing you Black Art: an International Quarterly, we will chronicle the heritage of our ancestors, encourage the participation of our contemporaries and enrich this heritage for our descendants.

—Samella Lewis, Ph.D., Val Spaulding, Jan Jemison

Feature Articles and Contributors:

 “African Influences on Black American Art”, Floyd W. Coleman, Ph.D.

“Armando Solis, Museum Photographer”, Mati Robinson


“Collector’s Column”

“Elizabeth Catlett”

“The Black Presence: A Theatre of Creative Alternatives”, Joan Sandler

Profile—LaMonte Westmoreland”

“The Emerging Voice of the Black Visual Artists”, Murry N. DePillars, Ph.D.

“Black American Music: The Beginning “, Bette Cox

“Afro–Brazilian Art: A Liberating Spirit, Abdias do Nascimento”,
Translation by Elizabeth A. Larkin

“Folk Tale—The Brave Caterpillar”

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Title:                                       Black Art: an International Quarterly

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Publication Date:               1976

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