The Art of Elizabeth Catlett (2000)


The Art of Elizabeth Catlett is a 193–page volume dedicated to Elizabeth Catlett’s portrayals of working–class women in her prints and sculptures, as she laid bare the feelings, power, beauty, and yearnings of the disenfranchised. Included in this book are reproductions of the artist’s works paired with insightful commentary from Dr. Samella Lewis.

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The depth and complexity of someone like Elizabeth Catlett will hardly fit into any book. Her vision fits nicely into the more public media of sculpture and graphics, but her self—the breadth of her life, the depth of her dedication—can really only be experience firsthand. You really have to know Elizabeth.

Those who know Elizabeth will now see how a book can offer only an intimation of her integrity and her excellence. Integrity in a life concerned for the improvement and enjoyment of life. Excellence in the art that she uses to communicate her concern.

I’ve been looking forward to a major work on Elizabeth Catlett, and now I find myself asked to gild refined gold, to add another hue unto the rainbow—to add my introduction to not simply a major work but the major work on this important artist. For here is a book written from many perspectives: from that of a professor of Art history, that of a former student of Catlett’s, and that of a lifelong friend. Here at last, is a book that is both scholarly and human about a woman who has dedicated her life and her art to the betterment of all people and to the fight against injustice and oppression.

—Excerpt from “Foreword” by Maxine Waters, Member, California Assembly

Samella Lewis, Ph.D.

Robert Biddle

Bibliographic Details

Title:                                      The Art of Elizabeth Catlett


Hancraft Studios in collaboration with The Museum of African American Art, Los Angeles, California (First Edition); Snowfire Publishing, LLC., Sussex, Delaware (Reprint)

Publication Date:              1984; 2000 (Reprint)

Binding:                                Casebound Hardcover

Book Condition:                Excellent

Book Type:                          Monograph

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