Recherché (1992)


Recherché is a 20–page catalogue dedicated to the exhibition Connectedness: Common African American Threads in Diverse Contemporary Art by members of Philadelphia–based artists association Recherché. Included in this catalogue are works by Nannette Acker–Clark, James Brantley, Moe Brooker, Walter Edmonds and many others.

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The Hampton University Museum is pleased to present the exhibit Connectedness: Common African American Threads in Diverse Contemporary Art by members of Recherché. Recherché is a Philadelphia–based artists association founded in 1983 in reaction to exclusion. The group’s name means “rare” or “uncommon.” It was composed of individuals who approach the creative process in stylistically and philosophically different ways. Yet, they have chosen to work together to hone each other in their growth so that each may develop their own artistic visions more completely. Of fundamental importance is this mutual support for isolated, African American artists are often pressured to conform to a narrow framework of subject matter and style which fits the prevailing stereotype. Recherché’s goal is to permit a freedom of dialogue and diversity in individual affirmation of humanity through the creative process. The Recherché artists are mid–career. They continue to create and to evolve. The works presented in this exhibition are recent and are reflective of their current concerns and visions.

This exhibition is the result of the vision of Hampton Institute alumnus Hubert C. Taylor. An architect as well as an artist, Taylor was president of Recherché in 1990, when he proposed the exhibit to Hampton. If this exhibition is now presented with great pride, it is also presented with a measure of sorrow, for Hubert Taylor died suddenly in May of 1991. In the immediate months after his death, a large portion of his work was destroyed when the painted canvases were separated from their surrounds and other constructed pieces. These elements were then either discarded or recycled, despite the efforts of several of his friends and colleagues to keep the works complete. A founding member of Recherché, Hubert Taylor’s work is included in this exhibition as a tribute to him. It is regrettable that the pieces in this show are among the few major works which have survived intact.

—Excerpt from “Preface” by Jeanne Zeidler, Director, Hampton University Museum

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Title:                                      Recherché


The Hampton University Museum, Hampton, Virginia

Publication Date:              1992

Binding:                                Pictorial Softcover

Book Condition:                Excellent

Book Type:                          Exhibition Catalogue

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